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And then it happened…

Crapshoot Calls for Cooling Water

At the 18-minute mark into the breach I heard our master breacher, Crapshoot, call for cooling water. That couldn’t be right. It just didn’t make sense: that would indicate that he was through the door.

Brothers were quickly hauling up cooling water. Soon — WHOOSH — the hiss of water striking molten steel sounded and steam was pouring from the portal. I remained mesmerized by the activity at the portal, though I could not get a fix on the specific details. Guys were crouched around the man-sized hole that Crapshoot had torched on the exterior side of the door. He was all the way inside the door so I could see no trace of him. The door’s thickness and makeup disturbed me.

Guido, next to me, had snapped down his Night Observation Device (NOD) and alerted me:

“Aw hell… Geo, there’s still a bunch of hot spots out there where the brush was burning — whaddaya think?”

“Ah… well, there’s really nothing out there left to burn so I’m not alarmed. You can run an ATV out there and churn up the soil with the tires where those hot spots are if you want, but something might be happening with the breach real soon; I think Crapshoot got in.”