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February 9, 2013

Trying To Keep Perspective and Honor Chris

When I heard the news about Chris, my close friend Brandon Webb of SOFREP was at my house. As we got to talking I began to feel that familiar feeling of regret and remorse, the feeling that I’m sure every Special Forces Operator carries with him after he leaves his team. Every news story, every movie, every book pulls at your soul trying to call you back in. Since I left the SEAL teams in 2008 I’ve been able to, more or less, avoid the things that would yank me back into the only skin that has ever fit me. Much like an addict taking it day by day avoiding all the “Triggers”, I just barely managed to not go back in.

It’s now been over 4 years since my last opportunity to make a difference, serve my country and do a damn thing about anything. Helpless, mad, disappointed and afraid I began to selfishly share my powerless frustration with Brandon. He simply looked at me and said “Why don’t you write about your time with Chris and I’ll post it on SOFREP?”

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About the Author

is a former SEAL Sniper instructor.

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  • jjalicegrace

    Wow, just reading this now. What a writer you are, Mr. Davis. What a tribute you have so humbly offered. It's given me the most insight into Mr. Kyle that I've been allowed. This deserves a re-reading.

  • Ed Durham

    @Recon6  @Ed  Thank you, Sir. I am humbled by your words.

  • Recon6

    @Ed Durham Sir, it is for people like you that men such as Chris Kyle and those of his ilk sacrificed everything. Your kind words soothe the hearts of America's Warriors and I am sure anyone that meets you would love to buy You a meal, cup of coffee, or a beer. Thank you and those like you....6

  • Ed Durham

    I am a civilian. I have always been a civilian, but know that I have had it thus, becasue men like Mr. Kyle were willing to put it all on the line for me. I appreciate that. Every day I try to make my life worthy of their sacrafice. I was not called to fight for this great nation, but I can still respect and honor those who do. If you are a vetern and I see you with something that will identify you as such, I WILL walk over and shake your hand and say Thank You. I wil offer to buy your meal, or a cup of coffee or something. I flew my American Flag at half mast for a week in Mr. Kyle's honor. When I heard the news of his death, I could only think of his poor wife and chidren, and I wept. And my family prayed. This article makes a huge difference to me. It help me understand a man that I knew nothing about for most of his life, but once I did learn of him through his book promotions, I admired. I admired his quite demeanor, and humble nature.  I admire his steadfast determination to just simply do his job well. I realized that we cannot all be Navy SEAL snipers, but we can all do OUR job well, every day. Thank you Mr. Davis for sharing this important message with those of us fortunate enough to listen. I am a better man today because of what the US military does. God bless you all

  • StormR

    @OldCrow51  @StormR Glad to help.  I looked it up when I first saw it posted on Facebook.   I got myself all worked up a couple of times over stories that I read/heard and then later found out they were false.  I try and save myself some heartburn now by checking things out before I get myself in a dither :)