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May 30, 2013

John Brennan’s Political Purges Within the CIA

The Obama/Hillary/Holder regime’s arrogant façade is slowly crumbling. The president and his cabal of handlers have somehow gone a step too far. There is no accounting for why the media and some other of the Chicago gang’s public enablers are seemingly turning on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But indeed they are. Maybe the revelations of the Associated Press (AP) having its communications sucked into the maw of the political targeters let slip the mask of the “fun-to-hang-out-with-dude” fronting the regime. The revelation that the “dude” is instead a punk may have shocked those Politically Correct Progressives who empowered the dude and his handlers.

The pure power the gang commands is unprecedented in American history. An astute student of American politics, influence, scandals, and misdeeds would be hard pressed to find a more stunning abuse of power than what has been revealed of the Obama clique’s misdeeds to date. And I use “to date” purposefully. It is very likely that there remain many more shoes to drop as we learn specifics of this regime’s corrupt political hounding of its “enemies.”

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  • bandanana

    KentClizbe... I am less than a 1 year young member of SOFREP... and I JUST came across your piece...February 2015.. SPOT ON... You have filled many gaps in my knowledge of the PCProgs... Thanks so much... I too have been trying to get many of these points across to some of my "intellectual" family, friends, cohorts etc.... Now that you have steered me in the right direction...your books are now at the top of my "must read" list... (now it is CERTAINLY most fitting that our esteemed cic matriculated at Columbia....) Thank you again.. Regards and best wishes... Nana :-)

  • KentClizbe

    Surf375 KentClizbe Surf, Thanks very much for your comprehensive review of Willing Accomplices. Without going into a point by point commentary, all your suggestions are completely valid. However, constraints of space and time require massive pruning of any book. Focus and context ended up keeping me out of the literally thousands of branches that I identified that could have been followed in this project. Suffice it to say that I built up material for at least 10 books during the course of this project. Specifically, my work on Alexander Gumberg was ground-breaking. No one had ever provided proof and solid anlaysis of his role in the ComIntern's covert influence ops. He was the first covert influence recruiter and handler. I believe that he was the greatest and most influential covert operator of all time. He was the pivot around which the entire 20th century turned. This discovery will eventually result in many books and articles, but I had to focus and keep in context my findings on Gumberg. Counts' handler, Nucia Perlmutter Lodge, was another revelation I provided. Her story, too, will be a book some day. Her calm, cool and low-key handling, while living a parallel life of being his secretary, of the egotistical Counts is a case study in professional espionage operations. There is much more to be learned and more stories to be told about Nucia. My goal in this book was to research my hypothesis that the PC-Prog belief system was introduced into our culture. My goal was NOT to research every other potential source of the belief system. The unique vulnerability of America's "intelligentsia" who were active in our cultural transmission belts when Muenzenberg began his ops has been covered extensively elsewhere. I provide an extensive bibliography here: That said, there is NO evidence anywhere that any pre-Soviet-influence-ops American cultural transmission domain harbored the radically anti-traditional-America belief system that Muenzenberg codified and inserted via his ops. Like the introdcution of Coca Cola, there were fizzy drinks before, but the influence campaigns run by Coke washed the rest into the gutter of history. So, too did Muenzenberg's influence campaign wash away any other contemporary and similar messages in American culture. On the "obviousness" of my candidates for CI review. Well, they may be obvious to you, but no published biography of any of the three candidates reveals what I did, or comes to the conclusions that I did. Any accusations against them, during their lifetimes, were refuted easily and often. This is the beauty of covert influence agents and operations. And it was the genius of Muenzenberg's "Popular Front" operational plan. The agents were NOT communists. They always had plausible deniability. They always cloaked themselves in various cover organizations and stories--anti-fascist, anti-Nazi, anti-racism, pro-Liberty, pro-Republic, pro-democracy. What my 3 step vetting process provides is a template for anyone to do historical research on other potential Willing Accomplices. The first steps of my vetting of a foreign influence operation today, specifically run by an Islamic power: As to the need for an anti-PC-Prog influence message, of course you're right. But it is, at this time, literally impossible. Conservatives, for the most part, are incapable of the conspiratorial thinking required to run an influence op. They always ascribe pure motives to their opponents (see McCain in 2008, Romney in 2012, etc, etc). They are unable and/or unwilling to recognize and realize the fundamental mendacity of the PC-Progs' foundational belief system, of their strategies, and of their tactics. Willing Accomplices is an attempt to demonstrate to American conservatives that our opponents are not using the Queensbury rulebook in this struggle. Willing Accomplices demonstrates the origins, the foundations, the strategies, the tactics of the PC-Progs. It strips bare the artifice. It shows how the entire PC-Prog edifice is built on a lie--from their assumptions about human nature, to their "for the children" battlecry for every destructive policy they implement. Once the conservative establishment understands the rules our opponents play by, then I can help them with finding potential counter-measures. Until then, McCain and Romney. (continued below)

  • KentClizbe

    (continued from above) On Islamic covert influence--see my article about the PC-Prog indoctrination of the younger Tsarnaev: Bottom line: extremist Islam has absolutely no chance of sweeping over American society and culture. It's quite unlikely that the kids who are currently doing "freak, grind, and rave" dancing at proms across America will suddenly reject that and begin wearing arbayahs and scrubbing their teeth with sticks. On the relative warmth with which PC-Progs greet Muslim extremists in our society, here's the analogy I use: Our traditional culture (the result of 10 centuries of Anglo-Saxon economic, cultural, religious, and governmental development, based on the previous 15 centuries of Greco-Roman economic, cultural, religious, military and governmental development) is abhorrent to PC-Progs. They detest American normal culture. That is the Muenzenberg infection. It has destroyed our cultural immune system. This infection has ravaged our culture non-stop for about 30 years now, since gaining ascendancy in the 80s in the media, academia and Hollywood. We are like an AIDS patient--living, but without an immune system. That creates a perfect breeding ground for opportunistic infections. Apparent support for Islamists is just that--an opportunistic infection. PC-Progs have no interest in living under Sharia, or in a Caliphate. But Islamists have the strongest, most dedicated cadre of believers (how many Occupy Wall Streeters think that their anti-capitalist-America activities will guarantee them a place in heaven?!). So they are the most visible and the most aggressive and "successful" anti-normal-America operators today. What may look like an influence op is simply PC-Progs embracing the enemy of their enemy. Like Stalin and Zinoviev, once the mutual enemy is destroyed, the erstwhile ally will be crushed too. Or so they think. Could be that the ex-ally will destroy the gutted shell of what's left of American culture. Who knows? It would be great if you'd post your review on Amazon. Thanks again. Kent

  • Surf375

    HugeFan "That was outstanding." ... Thanks, HF.                                                                                                                                                                                KentClizbe CABQ

  • hjw1dr

    Fascinating.   I've assumed since 2008 that the Chicago school was at work here: political practicalities as well as on a national use of existing structure to pursue prog goals, but your in depth description from your experience fleshes this out nicely. Much thanks.