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August 6, 2013

Europe’s Finest Episode 1: JW FORMOZA

I would like to start off this new series of articles on Europe’s Finest SOF Units that usually escape the limelight – but whose responsibilities, actions and sacrifice are not inferior to those of the big names like SAS, GROM or KSK. In each episode, I will concentrate on one SOF unit, provide some background information, history and a glimpse of the equipment used.

Episode 1: JW FORMOZA

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About the Author

is a Poland-based firearms instructor and security consultant. A proud member of the Tactical Beard Owners Club, Sergei graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University with a BA in Information Science (Social Media and Open-Source Intelligence), and from The Higher Banking School with an MA in Management Psychology (War on Terror as part of Political Marketing in the US after 9/11). Currently leading a quiet life as Polish Army reservist, Sergei's main fields of study include: Psychology in Propaganda, Information Security, Open-Source Intelligence, Information Analysis, Conflicts in the Caucasus.

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  • kinetic_actual

    Thnks for the heads up! Bing translator puts it in English as 'bungling.'

  • Yankee Papa

    "The United States and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language." George Bernard Shaw I found this to be especially true in Rhodesia. I mean, if I were in Spain and said something appalling in Spanish, people who had been introduced to me might well grant me the benefit of the doubt... language troubles and all that... But where (in theory) you all speak the same language. Of course, many of the differences were obvious... "lift" instead of elevator, "bonnet" instead of car hood... "panel beaters" in place of "body shop..." and of course, "silencers" in place of car mufflers... (Largest muffler shop in Salisbury, "Silencer City...") Some odd things though... TV didn't start until 4PM and early programs, The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid, or Watch Mister Wizard... But movies on TV censored strangely... "shit" left in, "crap" deleted (???) Girlfriend... stayed with her most days when I was in Salisbury. From UK originally, but had lived in Africa for more than ten years. She was an "older woman" (she was 30... I was 28). Christmas of 1977 coming up and among other things I bought her a gorgeous black jumpsuit... silver lining inside hood... silver belt. She tried it on and gave me the normal garbage line... "I love it... but... I don't look fat in it do I...?" Told her (quite honestly) no... and she had recently lost weight off her fanny. Suddenly I was facing death... I could see it in her eyes... No clue at all. I said, "Before you kill me... please tell me what the problem is..." After much confusion, it turns out that while "Fanny" is OK among the Brits as a name... as anatomy it is not like in the U.S. where it is a little kid word for "tushie..." but rather is equivalent to the "C" word... Ouch... Survived that one... (In UK they must have had to censor MASH a lot, Colonel Potter always running around using "fanny...") Real embarrassment not too long after I got into the country in 1976. I was invited to a giant "coming out" party. Woman turning 21... dad supposed to giver her an oversize key with a "21" in the handle part. Many, many people... mostly in family groups. After proving that I have a black belt in dancing (danger to all women-kind on the dance floor), I was the guest of honor at the head of one long table. I was an American, far from home... looked far younger than I really was... and had announced the day before that I was joining the forces... At my left was a pretty Rhodesian lass of 16 at most. She said something to me... I replied in a charming manner... she then said something to me... and I was stunned... I blushed beet red... Three generations of this family the length of this long table trying to figure out why I was blushing... I then caught on to what she meant... and was now horribly embarrassed... All of these people must soon figure out what I thought that she had said... and would now view me as an uncouth barbaric Yank... When I made the charming reply, she had said to me (whole table could hear), "Why you are so gallant that I am going to lean right over and kiss you on the pecker... ... ..." When I figured out (a few seconds too late) that she had used common word (there) for "lips..." it was too late... I was doomed. But instead, everybody down the table figured it out and roared with laughter. My reputation as a "Gallant Yank" had been preserved... YP

  • Bart "Sergei" Norman

    Paskuda is actually a name you would call a naughty girl ;) as in conducting minor mischief.

  • kinetic_actual

    Thanks Sergei! Great photos as well, pics are worth a 1000 words. Side note: I had to look up 'paskuda' it sounded familiar but wasn't sure (that's one BA emblem). The Urban Dictionary was the first link to show up on Google - hysterical. But it really means 'harm' or 'mischief' correct?

  • Bart "Sergei" Norman

    Fixed and updated. Hope you like it.