The Difference Between DELTA and SEAL TEAM SIX

With the death of Usama bin Laden last year at the hands of some secret squirrel frogmen in Pakistan, there came a nation wide interest as to who killed UBL. “Navy SEALs” was released to the public whether via the White House or the Department of Defense.

But it was those “subject matter experts” such as Sean Naylor, Jeremy Scahill, etc. who made sure to correct the media that it was actually the SEALs of JSOC, aka DEVGRU or simply SEAL Team 6. I even heard the mention of “Task Force Blue” on CNN. Amazing…

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  • ARCoversight

    As some of you Flex your Air Lats, I will tell you the absolute Reason DevGru was chosen, ..... Wait for it, AREA OF OPERATION. DEVGRU had one theater and CAG had other. Both competent Best in the World Units, but it came down to who owned that area and had the right skill set. CAG took down Al Zwarari, why, the dude liked to travel to see the Hooded Babes in Iraq. Nobodys Pencil is bigger than the anyone else's. One side note, I do always like seeing the media cover a SOF event and there is a USAF General giving commentary on SEALS or Army SOF. No Diss to AF, but if it is a electrical problem, you don't ask a plumber.

  • SEAL76

    The guy in the photo in the ARMY uniform is a foreign student. He and a couple of the kneeling officers are also not US personnel. Foreign students are permitted to complete BUD/S training. Most of them have already been through their own country's version of BUD/S or the equivalent. As far as US personnel go if you want to go to BUD/S you have to be Navy. There was a short period a few years ago where US Coast Guard personnel were allowed to go through BUD/S. Only a few made it. They had to complete SQT as well and join an Operatiing SEAL Platoon. They then had the option to remain in the Navy or go back to the Coast Guard. That program is gone.

  • mattjones16

    SEAL76 Iassen Donov andyjohny3  Sorry to reply months after your comment, but I don't think your point about BUD/S being open to only Navy personnel is correct.  This picture shows class 236's graduation with one guy wearing an Army uniform:

  • Mrod05

    At least the second class unit knows the difference between a flash bang and a Grenade.

  • dnquinn42

    I believe the reason for Seal Team 6 instead of Delta was a simple matter that the Administration knew that between the two commands, the Navy Seals were more likely to allow them to be more "public" about the operation. The Delta boys I have known are all about getting the job done and getting on to the next operation without any fanfare !!!!  Seal Teams don't seem to mind the publicity. Nothing against those guys, I just think the Administration felt they could get some mileage out of the Seal Team being used for the Op and the Delta guys wouldn't been into the publicity. More to do with the commands rather than the operators I asked same question Immediately  Why the Seals and not Delta ????