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SOFREP News Team

SOFREP News Team

The SOFREP News Team is a collective of professional military journalists.

Brandon Tyler Webb is the SOFREP News Team's Editor-in-Chief.

Brandon is a New York Times Bestselling Author and former Navy SEAL.

He has published 12 books including "Benghazi: The Definitive Report, 2013"

Guy D. McCardle is the SOFREP News Team's Managing Editor.

Guy McCardle is a writer and a sixteen-year veteran of the United States Army.

Guy writes about Military News and Military History on

Guy has over 8,000 answers and more than 30,000 followers in Quora where he discusses mainly Military topics.

Brandon and Guy both manage the SOFREP News Team.

They incorporate SOFREP's Team philosophy, where, working together, the end product maintains the highest standard of quality and integrity.

This makes SOFREP remain a beacon of truth in a sea of misinformation and partisanship.

SOFREP News Team Social Media

SOFREP News Team also helps create news for other SOFREP social media channels.