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May 17, 2012

Women’s Self Defense Weekly: Less-Than-Lethal Defense Options

I wanted to take the time to cover some basic less-than-lethal options. Because let’s face it, no girl wants to get their Rick Owens boots or Jimmy Choo’s shoes all messy with shooting somebody for real. Right? Chances are you don’t have the time to train properly with a firearm anyway.  And for practical reasons, range time and great instruction are both hard to come by. CAUTION: Beware of your local Rex-Kwon-Do version of a firearms instructor. You’d be surprised at how many self-proclaimed experts there are in the world, well maybe not, you ladies on here are pretty sharp.

So here are my favorite less than lethal options:


1. Surefire or Princeton Tech 500 lumen flashlight. This is a great option because it flash blinds any would-be stalker and if needed the light can be used to pummel the face (it will break a nose very easily, a good option fyi). AND you can take this anywhere, including on your next flight. This is why I rank it number 1 of 3.





2.  Next up is Jet powered “canned heat” AKA pepper spray. Here’s a link to my favorite. You can sometimes slip this past security (I did last month at San Diego International on United) but the down side is that it’s tough to pack this bad boy around with you. It makes an excellent addition to your key chain, is not expensive, and the jet spray helps mitigate the back blast that could be encountered with down wind deployment. FYI-you don’t want to shoot this into the wind when it’s blowing more than 5mph or you’re toast!


3. Taser

The Taser is a great home defense option and it relatively easy to use. CAUTION: You still need to use this thing in practice and get some training before having to use it in an emergency. Too often people overlook this very simple and obvious issue.  Just having it doesn’t make you good using it.

Enjoy and please ask me and the guys questions about any self-defense related issues.  We love passing our Spec Ops knowledge your way and I especially enjoy putting creeps out of business.



About the Author

is a former U.S. Navy SEAL with combat deployments to Afghanistan, and Iraq. During his last tour he served as the west coast sniper Course Manager at the Naval Special Warfare Center. He is CEO of Force12 Media , a SOFREP contributing editor, and a New York Times best selling author (The Red Circle & Benghazi: The Definitive Report). Follow Brandon on Facebook, Twitter or his website.

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  • PatrickM

    Lever Action you hit it on the head. An example is yesterday at work a woman and her 5 year old son are on a bus.The kid accidentally kicks a woman. The woman begins to curse at the child and mother. The Mother tells the woman not to curse at her child ,when the mom and her 5 year old are immediately attacked by the woman and her fricking boyfriend. no warning nothing but immediate attack. This has been a norm lately in the city I work in. The story is always the same from the victim "the attack came out of nowhere"Except when you here the whole story you hear multiple warning signs that an attack was at least impending. I believe the most important lesson that people need to learn is you need to be ready to go from 0mph to 110mph in a blink of an eye,because the bad guy is always ready and willing to hurt you.

  • LeverAction

    Something no one has mentioned - It's Not That People Don't Know What To Do. It's They Don't Know When To Cross That Line in The Mind and Act. The decision to act is a tough one for standard-issue people. Bad men have no such restraint. Good people do. You have to get over that. Train just as hard WHEN TO ACT as you train for what to do. 

  • LeverAction

     @katgirl231  @FormerSFMedic Damn

  • LeverAction

     @FormerSFMedic I Hear and Obey. Thank you.  

  • LeverAction

     @ArcticWarrior  @PatrickM In God I trust. Everybody else keep your hand where I can see them.