Over 1,000 Tips for Gardening, Country Cooking, Saving Money, DIY Cleaning Solutions, Home Remedies, and More!

This comprehensive collection of practical tips covers all aspects of keeping a country home, from painting a wall to removing wine stains, making perfect pastry to making your own window cleaner. In addition, find advice for cleaning carpets, making jam, wallpapering, knitting, sewing, and more! Woven throughout are poems and proverbs, legends and lore, making this an enjoyable read and a perfect housewarming gift.

  • “Crisp limp lettuce and celery by placing in a pan of cold water for an hour with slices of raw potato.”
  • “If an aluminum pan has become discolored, boil some apple peel in it for a few minutes, then rinse and dry.”
  • “Tighten up sagging cane seats of chairs by scrubbing both the top and underside with hot soapy water. Rinse in cold salt water.”
  • “Sprinkle salt on paths and brickwork crevices to get rid of weeds and grass.”
  • “A needle can be threaded more easily if a little hairspray, starch, or beeswax is put on the end of the thread.”
  • “Sage tea is a valuable tonic that stimulates the circulation and soothes a persistent cough.”

Complete with lovely color illustrations throughout, this is a delightful and useful read.