Baxter is a big, black retriever who has many humorous encounters—both in the great outdoors and at home. With his can-do attitude, superior size and strength, tendency to retrieve bears and mountain lions instead of small game, and way of endearing himself to any hunter who takes a dog along, this gentle giant will carve out a place in the hearts of outdoorsmen for years to come. Baxter is ready to have fun, and no acre of woods or inch of water is spared from his delightfully outsized antics.

Whether he’s pulling a stuck boat or car, destroying his latest doghouse, retrieving other hunters’ birds, or hauling in a sixty-pound catfish, Baxter is as entertaining as ever, mounting more laughs than game. With more than one hundred eighty original, beautifully illustrated, and cleverly captioned cartoons, there’s no mistaking this comic collection for anything but another sure-to-be beloved classic of syndicated cartoonist John Troy. The perfect gift for anyone who has ever found a friend in a rascal of a hunting dog, Baxter the Retriever is page after page of laughs from this hilarious hound.