Join award-winning author Bryce M. Towsley as he picks the brains of three of the most successful white-tailed deer hunters in America today—Larry, Lane, and Shane Benoit. In this comprehensive volume, Towsley hunts for the real reasons behind the Benoits’ unbelievable knack for taking trophy bucks.

While most people know the Benoits for their incredible tracking abilities, they are no longer one-dimensional in their hunting techniques. It is true that there may be no better deer hunters in America, but as Shane Benoit is quick to point out, “The whitetail survives because it is so adaptable, and if the whitetail hunter is to continue to survive and be successful, he had better follow their lead by learning to change and adapt too.” Despite fluctuations in climate, the Benoits have been led to do just that. They have been able to combine their extraordinary whitetail knowledge with new details and techniques to continue their successful track record of taking trophy whitetails.

In Benoit Bucks, you will learn all the secrets behind how the Benoits have adapted to today’s hunting challenges to become the unbelievably successful, multi-dimensional hunters they are today.