When his two young grandsons clamored for a hideout in the trees, what could Maurice Barkley, a sixty-something retiree, do but grab some wooden beams and a level? Now, more than ten years, seven tiny houses, and a spiral staircase later, Barkley’s grandkids can truly say they have the best tree house ever. With a backyard that has become a tourist destination and the delighted cries of children playing pretend sounding in his ears, Barkley shares his pro building tips, floor plans, and how-tos in an easy-to-use guide anyone with a hankering for nature and a set of basic carpenter’s tools can follow.

The Best Tree House Ever records the creation and growth of a child-sized village built high above the ground and documents the wonderful, unexpected consequences—the visitors, the excitement, and the hundreds of friendships made—that occurred along the way. Filled with plans and construction details of Barkley’s entire tree house village, The Best Tree House Ever leads adventurers of every age to explore the magical worlds hidden amongst the foliage.