• Learn about the paper brigade and the battle of Gettysburg in this incredible book
  • Includes Gettysburg maps, maps of Antietam, artillery at Gettysburg, and more
  • Based on first-hand accounts

Author Bradley M. Gottfried painstakingly pieced together each brigade’s experience at the Battle of Gettysburg. This brutal battle lasted for days and left soldiers with boredom and dread of what was to come when the guns stopped firing. Visual resources are also in Gottfried’s book, including Gettysburg National Military Park maps, Savas Beatie military atlas, and more. 

Readers will experience every angle of this epic fight through stories of forced marches, weary troops, and the bitter and tragic end of the battle. This collection is a fascinating and lively narrative that empowers the soldiers who fought fiercely and died honorably. Every moment of the Battle of Gettysburg is in this comprehensive book.