You’ve had a successful day in the field. Now what? Expert Peter Fiduccia has all the information you need to prepare deer in his new book, Butchering Deer. Fiduccia starts with the history of hunting deer for meat, the nutritional content of venison, and deer anatomy for better shot placement. He then extensively covers all phases of field dressing and butchering, from eviscerating the animal and skinning hides to how to cut each piece of meat (chuck, rib, short loin, loin end, rump, round, shank, flank, plate, brisket, shoulder, shank, and even bacon and ham). Other topics include:

  • Tag it & drag it: transporting deer from field to home
  • Protecting the carcass from bugs
  • How to prepare a clean working area
  • Tips to grinding burger and sausage meat
  • Guidelines for packaging, labeling, and freezing
  • Sharpening knives and other butchering tools
  • Dry rubs and marinades
  • And many more!

    The butchering sections include detailed photos and drawings depicting all sections of meat to butcher. Fiduccia concludes his guide with a section on the best ways to prepare and cook venison in camp or at home using quick and easy recipes. With Butchering Deer, you can easily become a home deer butcher.