Yes, You Too Can Live Off The Grid

Living off the grid is a concept that many people often think about but few people really do. In their case, the Spanfelners first went through the thought process of why they wanted to live off the grid in the first place. Once they concluded that they did – and all their reasons are here – they then elected not to build a new cabin from the ground up, but instead find an existing structure and fix it. They eventuallly found a classic fixer-upper deep in the woods of Northern California, bought it, then got to work – focusing on such off-the-grid necessities as a power supply, constant supply of water, a constant heat source, and much more. Tips in the useful guide cover everything from building, plumbing, and electricity to growing food in a sustainable way to dealing with emergencies. This book will tell you how to do it all, and how to do it the right way.