Learn about every aspect of saltwater fishing, including gear, tactics, species, behaviors, knots, and more.

Al Ristori's The Complete Guide to Saltwater Fishing aims to help both the novice and experienced angler succeed in catching more than 125 popular saltwater gamefish species. Some of the information will be indispensable to those just starting to fish oceans, bays, and tidal rivers, but there are more than enough tips beyond the basics to please even those with considerable experience as saltwater anglers. In a down-to-earth style, Ristori shares tips and insights on a long list of saltwater species, including several varieties of billfish, tuna, sharks, mackerels, drums, snappers, sea bass, cod, scorpionfish, salmons, and surfperch.

Other topics include:

  • Rod and reel selection
  • An overview of terminal tackle
  • Knots and rigging
  • Both conventional and flyfishing techniques
  • Boats and electronics
  • Tournaments and written (and unwritten) rules of the game
  • Marine conservation

Finally, Ristori urges anglers to remember to enjoy their sport. Whether fishing competitively in thrilling tournaments or having fun with family and friends, use what you've learned from The Complete Guide to Saltwater Fishing to make memories to sustain a lifelong fascination with saltwater fishing.