From Bob Burton — a former member of both the civilian and military intelligence communities and America’s most feared bounty hunter — comes the complete lexicon of over 800 terms and meanings used in international and covert espionage. Dictionary of Espionage and Intelligence includes the most up-to-date terminology of special operations from A to Z, including:

Breaktime: The time it takes to break down he resistance level of a subject in an interrogation of a brutal nature — usually 5-7 hours
Hero Project: A project, operation, or extraction considered too dangerous, with only the most skilled personnel able to pull it off.
Cake or Death: An unspoken but soon-realized ultimatum that a prisoner of the spook war understands as his personal fate — cooperate or die.

Compiled by a man who knows covert action and clandestine warfare from the inside out, Dictionary of Espionage and Intelligence is a perfect compendium of the secret language spoken by those who fight the silent war.