Favorite Flies is the latest fly-tying manual from acclaimed writer and fisherman David Klausmeyer, in which his 303 best flies have been brought together for the ease of fly fishers everywhere. Whether you are a beginner seeking a comprehensive tying guide or an experienced tier yearning for detailed information on the most successful flies, this book has it all.

Each fly featured comes with a complete recipe, step-by-step tying instructions, and specialized fishing tactics.

Included within this tier-friendly manual are detailed text blocks that carefully describe each tying step for each featured fly. Supported with a materials recipe for each fly, the many images of the tools, materials, and flies make it easy to understand and tie even the most complex flies. With this guidebook, you’ll learn to master the classic patterns, as well as hot, new innovative ones.

Fly tying is not only a craft, but an art form. In Favorite Flies, Klausmeyer will help you excel at both. Avid sport flyfishermen will treasure this book and gain even more in-depth knowledge.