Here fishing guide and fly designer Henry Cowen shares decades of hard-earned knowledge of stripers for the first time. Learn about the species, its food, and where and how to find them, so you can land far more and bigger stripers.

Knowing where and how to find stripers is key, and Cowen offers proven techniques for locating fish in both reservoirs and rivers, including water temperature, seasonal patterns, weather patterns, locating the bait, water clarity, and wildlife and how it can help anglers. The popularity of fishing for striped bass in freshwater is growing quickly, especially as global warming allows the fish to live in waters that used to be too cold. This is the first major book on the subject, one that is sure to be part of a big trend among fly fishers.

Cowen carefully outlines fishing tactics, along with detailed photographs of the steps involved, covering:

  • Retrieving a striper
  • Fishing a point, uphill and downhill
  • Working a topwater fly (constant retrieve)
  • Hooking a fish (strip strike)
  • Fishing a hump
  • Fishing a saddle or blow-through
  • Fishing a breakwater
  • Using the countdown method
  • Fishing a deep hole in a river
  • Fishing a creek in a river
  • And much more!

Cowen also takes a close look at freshwater striped bass, explaining how natural and stocked fisheries are managed as well as the difference between the various species. Along with help choosing equipment and some notes on wading tactics, anglers will have everything they need to improve their fishing techniques or make a start on this popular all-American outdoor sport.