A practical back-to-basics guide to achieving food security and financial independence.

What if you could really raise or grow all the food your family needs? In this fully illustrated book, you’ll learn to create an autonomous, diversified, and sustainable garden and to cultivate and maintain it following the main principles of permaculture. If you want to move towards greater food autonomy and you have sufficient space, you can also grow grains, keep chickens, and have a few beehives.

  • Design and grow a prolific organic vegetable garden
  • Learn how to save seeds from one year to the next
  • Discover techniques for collecting water
  • Read about beekeeping tools and how to use them
  • Learn about chicken breeds and how to keep your birds healthy and happy

Gaining food autonomy means depending less on grocery stores and food supply chains. But it is also offers the pleasure of eating healthy and delicious products straight from your land, while respecting the environment.