Go Green, Spend Less, Live Better is an authoritative, practical guide that details the money-saving side of greener, healthier, and simpler living. Bestselling author of It’s Easy Being Green and sustainable-living expert Crissy Trask provides a prescriptive handbook for making better decisions about our homes, how we get around, what we eat, and how we behave as consumers, in order to simultaneously achieve two desirable and imperative goals—to be better off financially and to do what is good for the planet.

Laying out steps that will yield immediate results, Trask also provides explanations of bigger commitments that take time to implement, but also produce much bigger savings. With her practical money-saving strategies and environmental know-how, Trask empowers readers to confidently pursue change, knowing their bank accounts will grow as a result. Go Green, Spend Less, Live Better shows how typical families can easily save at least $10,000—and even as much as $30,000—in the first year alone by greening up some key areas of their homes and lives.

Other areas covered include:

  • How green living is not exclusive, but highly accessible and affordable
  • Five reasons you will live better and save money when going green
  • How to start reaping economic rewards right away
  • Taking green to the next level and getting more for your money
  • Earning rich returns on green investments
  • The link between better health and greater wealth
  • And much more!