Gun Trader’s Guide is the bestselling collectible firearms reference, having sold over two million copies in thirty-eight editions. The guide includes prices for all types of firearms, but what if you are only interested in buying, selling, and collecting handguns? Then Gun Trader’s Guide to Handguns is the book for you! Featuring all your favorite handguns from the original Gun Trader’s Guide, plus hundreds more, this is the only reference you’ll ever need.

Veteran editor and firearms enthusiast Robert A. Sadowski has compiled and cataloged discontinued and collectible handguns from your favorite manufacturers. Complete with specs and price gradients based on the condition of the handgun, collecting and selling your firearms will be easier than ever. Sadowski also provides valuable tips on how to use the guide, as well as articles on various collectible handguns and the art of handgun trading. Also step behind the scenes to learn what dealers are looking for, what they want in your handgun, and what’s required to become a dealer, which should help you when buying, trading, or selling your handguns. Whether you are a first-time handgun owner or a longtime handgun enthusiast, Gun Trader’s Guide to Handguns is an invaluable tool to read before stepping foot in the dealer’s store or attending a gun show.