Now Available Again, the Original 1914 Rules, Regulations, and Lessons Necessary for Boy Scout Leaders

First published in 1914, the Handbook for Scout Masters was the foremost compendium on leading and guiding a Boy Scout troop. Here, word for word, you can read all about just what it took to be a Scout Master, with a focus on the boys themselves. After all, the Boy Scouts’ main purpose was “not to exploit methods, not glorify movements . . . but to lead boys into useful lives” (from the Introduction).
Chapters from this classic, standard handbook include:

  • Scout Requirements
  • Principles and Methods
  • Troop and Patrol Management
  • Drills and Demonstrations
  • Chivalry and Morality
  • And more!

From age limits, hierarchies, and oaths to lessons on cooking, first aid, and nature, The Handbook for Scout Masters covers all the basics of what it took to lead a Boy Scout troop. Scouts and scout masters alike will love reading about the original guidelines to one of America’s most well-known youth organizations.