Step-by-Step Projects from a Successful and Sassy Interior Designer!

Searching for a house or apartment is difficult enough on its own; transforming it into your home is an entirely different story. Home Improvement Tips and Tricks aims to give you the knowhow to decorate while staying within your budget, all presented in an engaging and approachable way. Each project is accompanied by a list of tools and materials needed, along with step-by-step instructions.

Salway’s wit and playful personality shine through as she shares her tried-and-true advice to describe the journey of renovating and redecorating not only her two-bedroom Williamsburg apartment but also the upstate New York farmhouse bought as a major fixer-upper.

Some of Christina’s greatest lessons include:

  • Colors you shouldn’t paint your apartment, even if you like wearing them
  • Where to look, when to haggle, and how to spot a diamond in the rough
  • How to revitalize your kitchen on a budget
  • Your shower curtain shouldn’t reflect your personality, and other helpful bathroom hints
  • How to install a dimmer switch (a.k.a. instant mood lighting)

    A resource for anyone who is short on time and strapped for cash, Home Improvement Tips and Tricks will help you turn any space into a unique home you love and are proud to show off.