Hunting Rutting Bucks is a tremendous resource for hunters hoping to take the biggest buck of their lives. Rather than focus on the much-publicized but short primary rut period, the author divides the mating season into three distinct phases and offers tried-and-true advice specific to each period. Each year the rut is responsible for helping hunters take some of the most mature, large-antlered, wary bucks in the wild. Season after season, these reclusive, almost totally nocturnal trophy-class bucks are vulnerable to hunters who know and understand how to effectively hunt by observing the nuances of all phases of the white-tailed deer’s breeding season: the rut.

In this book, John Trout, Jr., shares his best-kept secrets on how to consistently tag out on rut-crazed bucks. He shares countless strategies and tips that cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • A detailed analysis of the pre rut, primary rut, and post rut
  • How to read rubs and scrapes, and figure out which ones are active and which ones aren’t
  • How to lure bucks into gun or bow range with scents, calls, and rattling antlers
  • How to hunt cold fronts and moon phases
  • How to set up and hunt tree stands to maximum advantage
  • And much more!