A diverse collection of remarkable stories that represent the universal thrill of the hunting experience.

From stalking the big game of the African savannah, to grouse shooting in the American Northeast, to bear hunting in the Pacific Northwest, a hunter’s experience is as varied as the terrain that he or she traverses. But what is universal is the joy and elation that a hunter experiences while out in the field. Found in this collection are timeless works from celebrated writers that aim to explore the mysterious grip that hunting has held on the hearts and imaginations of those it ensnares for centuries. Within these pages, the reader can:

Join Theodore Roosevelt on some of his most legendary hunting trips
Snare woodland birds with Lamar Underwood
Bring down a killer lion with Colonel J. M. Paterson
Triumph with Jim Corbett as he stalks a man-eating tigress Reflect on the Hunter’s Moon with Gene Hill
And enjoy many more hunting adventures!

With more than three dozen photographs and illustrations that masterfully bring these stories to life, Incredible Hunting Stories is a must-have for every hunting and outdoor enthusiast looking to share in the joy of their chosen sport.