He is known as Johnny Montana. It is the name given to him by his fellow miners in the Redhawk mining district. Those working have been able to accumulate sizable caches of gold dust. The problem for the miners is how to get their gold out of the district. Brett Cutter and his gang of Cut-throats watch the roads and byways for miners trying to leave. Vacating miners are attacked and usually left dead after having been stripped of their gold.
It is in the center of this growing tension and the certainty that their claim will soon be attacked that Johnny Montana’s mining partners agree that the best way to ward off an attack is for one of them to take out their gold on a packhorse. But the plan goes awry. No sooner has Johnny begun his desperate journey than behind him he hears the sounds of their camp being attacked by the Cut-throats. There will be pursuit, and he is only one against a horde of bloodthirsty thieves.
Michael Zimmer is no stranger to a gripping Western story, and Johnny Montana may be his best yet, a wild ride of revenge, greed, and survival in the Wild West.