It was while Neal Clark was in the gunsmith’s shop that the Shelly gang attempted to hold up the bank. Neal rushed out of the shop with his rifle, took aim, and fired, repeatedly, killing Buck Shelly and his son Luke Shelly. He may also have wounded Ed Shelly, a teenage boy, who was holding the horses. Ed Shelly made good his escape, but was believed to be mortally wounded. That’s what Neal thought until he received a letter from Ed Shelly, declaring that he would be back someday to settle the score.

Eight years later, Neal is married with a young daughter and has taken over the town bank. Cascade City is in the midst of a crisis brought about by Ben Darley and Tuck Shelton, promoters of an irrigation project that is an obvious scam, though it isn’t obvious to most people in town or the surrounding ranching community. There is even talk of lynching Neal for his adamant rejection of investment in the project. It is at this point that the letters from Ed Shelly start coming again, this time vowing revenge not on Neal himself, but on his wife and daughter. There seems to be nothing Sheriff Joe Rolfe can do about it because there are no strangers in town except for the two promoters, both too old to be Ed Shelly…

The Man from Yesterday is a gripping tale and a modern Western classic written by a Spur Award winning author.

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