The Marksmanship Primer serves as a roadmap to greater shooting proficiency as well as greater enjoyment of the sport of shooting. Jim Casada, renowned outdoors author and editor, has brought together the best selections from America’s great gun writers of yesterday and today. Marksmen of all levels of experience—beginners, pros, and hobbyists—can benefit from this collection of shooting wisdom.

Topics include:

  • Positions for Rifle and Handgun Shooting
  • Sighting In
  • Ballistics
  • Rifle Marksmanship for the Hunter
  • Accuracy at All Distances
  • Hunting with the Handgun
  • Physical and Mental Fitness for the Marksman

Achieving accuracy and a high degree of competence is an immediate joy; refining it through regular trips to the range or the field can provide a lifetime of pleasure. The Marksmanship Primer is the best book to seek hunting and target shooting knowledge.