I know how to cast, I know my knots, and I can tell a dry from a wet fly. What next? This pocket guide shows the fly fisher where to cast, why, and what kind of fly to use. It can be studied prior to a fishing trip or used in the water.

Streamers, nymphs, wets, and dry flies are detailed with diagrams and color photographs. The book is organized by water types, and once you identify what kind of water you are facing—riffles, runs, pocket water, or deep slow water—you can then decide what kind of fly to use, what leader is appropriate, and how to present the fly. Chapters cover topics such as:

  • How to enter a pool
  • Angle and attitude of approach
  • Midstream rocks
  • Head, middle, and tail of a pool
  • Riffles and runs
  • Etiquette
  • And much more!

No more days of returning without a catch. With the extensive experience and knowledge of author Tom Rosenbauer, you can use his no-nonsense tips to identify appropriate fly-fishing wet and dry flies, adapt to current water conditions, and cast with confidence.