A powerful international organization wants to tip the balance of global power by infiltrating the White House. At the direction of its mastermind, alias Pecos Bill, presidential candidates have become unwitting targets of a world-class sharpshooter.

A martial arts expert, a greedy corporate attorney, and a self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist form a shaky alliance initially intent on solving a missing persons case, only to get caught up in a bigger political plot in which they must uncover the assassin’s identity before he can claim his next victim. Together, they race across the country, desperately trying to piece together an intricate puzzle of murder, deception, and betrayal through a mire of passion, behind-the-scenes deals, and false identities. Along the way, they encounter corrupt government agents, Secret Service cover-ups, and a high-speed car chase.

Only as bodies begin to pile up do the protagonists realize that the killer may be in their very midst, and that they must dig into each other’s pasts to stop the deadly chain of events that has them in its crosshairs. In the tradition of Ludlum’s Bourne series and James Patterson thrillers, Bradley’s debut novel will leave you breathless and eager for more with every twist and turn.