Expert advice on calls, scents; strategy, shot placement and much more!

As a seasoned hunter, host of a hunting television show, and acclaimed author and editor, Peter J. Fiduccia has amassed prodigious experience in pursuit of the whitetail. Now, he shares his tips, tactics, and techniques with readers, touching on every topic related to hunting whitetail deer. Some of his tips include:

  • Core Areas: key strategies to take a buck in his core area
  • Deer Calls: surefire advice to guarantee a buck will respond to grunt calls
  • Using Scents: a radical scent tactic reveals how to attract bucks during the rut
  • Shot Placement: how to regularly make dead-on one-shot kills
  • Wounded Deer: methods that will drastically improve your tracking skills
  • Scrape Hunting: fail-proof strategies to flush out a mature buck
  • Weather: up your buck hunting success using barometric pressure and weather fronts
  • Terrain: how to identify the places mature bucks regularly travel

Fiduccia covers these and many more subjects in Shooter's Bible Guide to Deer Hunting. Hunters will find many ways to hone their skills and bag more deer with this handy guide.