The Shooter’s Bible is the most trusted guide to firearms in the industry. Now, for the first time, extreme weapons are given a chance to show what they can do. Shooter’s Bible Guide to Extreme Iron is a comprehensive collection of all of the most extreme guns and cannons both in history and in the present. With poetic and flowing prose, author Stan Skinner provides information for awe-inspiring weapons, such as:

  • Hand cannons, also known as “howdah pistols,” which were used on the Indian subcontinent by tiger hunters on elephants’ backs and today roar and thunder with power rarely seen in a handgun
  • Ultra big bore snipers, the roots of which reach back to the Revolutionary War and the Kentucky rifle
  • Gatling guns, a hand-cranked, rapid-fire gun invented by Dr. Richard J. Gatling in 1861, a modern version of which is powered by an electric motor and has a four thousand–round-per-minute cyclic rate
  • Muzzle-loading, smoothbore cannons, cast in bronze and iron, which dominated land and sea warfare until they were made obsolete by rifle Parrott guns and breech-loading cannons in the Civil War
  • And much more!

Get fired up with the powerful weapons included in this addition to the Shooter’s Bible. Including historical facts and modern versions, this book is essential to any shooter’s collection.