This hands-on guide explains no-nonsense techniques on how to develop a well-balanced and well-planned food plot and deer management program that will enhance your deer hunting success tenfold.

Peter Fiduccia has successfully planted food plots for deer and other wildlife for more than twenty years. His know-how and sage advice will help you grow more successful food plots and improve your daily deer sightings and buck harvests. Through practical, understandable, and easy-to-apply information, this food plot authority divulges the plants that are guaranteed to attract bucks and keep them coming to your land when you want them there most—during the hunting season.

Fiduccia shares these time-tested planting tips and techniques that he has used on his own land to help you grow food plots like a pro.

Some of the topics in this essential guide include:

  • Growing larger-antlered bucks
  • Food plot hunting tactics
  • Tips to lure bucks in November
  • Go nuts! Plant mast trees
  • Tactically placing food plots
  • Other wildlife plant choices
  • Dead deer do talk!
  • Unique shrub and tree ideas
  • How to age deer accurately
  • Keeping detailed harvest records
  • Real-world buck management
  • Winter-hardy plant selections
  • Basic practices for adult bucks
  • Clovers that survive in winter

This practical guide will help you take your planting skills and deer management knowledge to the next level for better deer hunting and a healthier herd.