Whether they're beginners or seasoned shooters, women need to know some subtle (and not so subtle) differences to excel in—and enjoy—the shotgun sports.

Ladies are not built like men. They don’t think like men. Women don’t react, move, or process life like men. And they don’t shoot like men. Firearms writer and shooter Laurie Bogart Wiles now offers a comprehensive guide to shotgunning targeted at the female shooter and covering target shooting, trap, skeet, five stand, FITASC, and wingshooting. Shotgun Sports for Women includes:

  • Gun safety and gun respect
  • The mental game and motivation
  • Basic groundwork and practicing
  • Gun fit for women’s body types
  • Traveling with firearms
  • Shooting clubs for women
  • And much more!

Women can pick up tips on improving their stance or learn the basics in Shooter's Bible Guide to Shotgun Sports for Women. Also included are a detailed directory of shooting schools and instructors, youth programs, suggested reading, gunmakers, manufacturers of shooting attire and accessories, and an extensive glossary. Armed with the extensive knowledge and experience of Laurie Bogart Wiles, this handy guidebook is a great way for women to learn about shotgunning from a fellow woman.