To Be a Soldier offers the US Army’s two capstone doctrinal manuals in one place for the first time. This guide begins with the Army’s introductory text, FM-1 The Army, which explains the Army’s origin and purpose, its mission and values, how it functions as a portion of a joint military force in combat, and the importance of the individual soldier in a larger fighting force.

When readers have learned the fundamentals of the Army, FM-3 Operations provides foundational knowledge of the full spectrum of Army operations. This manual is the Army’s principal tool for the instruction of today’s soldiers in the art and science of warfare, and has been recently updated to discuss counter-insurgency and hybrid threats in addition to conventional land operations.

To Be a Soldier is the reader’s guide to the Army’s most fundamental knowledge by offering its two capstone texts in one place. The information in this handbook forms the basis for all the knowledge conveyed in any subsequent Army field manuals, making it required reading for all soldiers and readers with interest in US Army training and operations.