Find solutions to the most common problems faced by novice horse owners.
Keeping your horse at home can be as wonderful and idyllic as it sounds, but there are also a lot of things which need to be taken into consideration to make sure you and your horse’s new home are ready. This book will guide you through some of the potential pitfalls, providing a simple and easily digestible overview of basic at-home horse health and care.
With more than thirty years of experience, horse owner, trainer, and caretaker Lainey Cullen-McConkey offers expert insight on topics such as creating and maintaining a safe living environment for your horse, the basic rules of feeding and care, and invaluable advice on what to do if something goes wrong. Other helpful topics include:

  • What to know before you bring home your horse
  • Basic anatomy and systems of the horse
  • Healthcare and monitoring
  • Maintenance of property and pastures
  • Suggestions on what to do if your horse is injured or ill
  • And so much more!

The Ultimate Guide to Horse Health & Care covers everything you need to know and do both before and after bringing your horse home.