Practical Guidelines to Resourceful City Living, Self-reliance, Emergency Preparedness, and Getting More for Less

A survival guidebook that reflects the world in which we now find ourselves. The post 9/11 world seems a bit more hostile, as terrorist threats and attacks are no longer a surprise. The Great Tsunami of Christmas 2004 showed us that quick extinctions (like Noah’s flood) can and do happen without apparent warning. Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy not only told us that it can happen to us, but that it is foolhardy to make no preparations and pretend that the government will take care of you in the post-disaster landscape. The price of gold id rising again. War, rumors of war, famines, political instability, economic instability, global pandemics  – all these and more are causes of concern to the average family. Economic survival is also addresses, since this is such a fundamental building block of everything else in modern society. Money cannot be ignored.