To take the most impressive whitetail bucks, and to bring them in consistently, a hunter has to know his weapons, the woods and, most of all, his quarry. Now, with The Whitetail Hunter’s Almanac at your side, you too can hunt with the strategies and practical wisdom that master hunter John Weiss has learned during his thirty-plus years on the field. Drawing on years of insider research, data studies, and personal experience, Weiss reveals the never-fail methods to making your shots count.

Weiss’s expert whitetail hunting secrets include:

  • Little-known facts about whitetails
  • The perfect places to set up blinds and stands
  • Effective ways to use deer scents
  • How to disappear with camouflage
  • Hunting with a rifle, shotgun, or bow
  • And much more!

    With careful instructions and more than two hundred photographs to bring the hunt to you, The Whitetail Hunter’s Almanac is the must-have reference to make you a more efficient tracker, woodsman, and consistently successful whitetail hunter. If you love the thrill of outwitting a big buck, The Whitetail Hunter’s Almanac is the guide for you!