Wildlife author and photographer of more than thirty books (including The Encyclopedia of Deer, The Deer Hunter’s Illustrated Dictionary, and Whitetails), Leonard Lee Rue III provides the most comprehensive reference on whitetail deer ever published. This book will appeal to anyone remotely interested in whitetails and other deer: nature buffs, deer lovers, deer haters, gardeners, farmers, photographers, biologists, mammalogists, highway troopers, and––not least––deer hunters, who will find a wealth of material that will improve their understanding and appreciation of their quarry.

In spite of the manuscript’s astounding thoroughness, Rue keeps the text short and clear to allow room for hundreds of his extraordinary photos, illustrating virtually every aspect of whitetail behavior, physiology, and more. Outdoors author Neil Soderstrom “[has] never encountered a manuscript as interesting and comprehensive on whitetails or any other species. Most information in this book is entirely new….This is a very good read, its factual material gracefully presented and richly enlivened by [Rue’s] personal observations and good humor.” Even if your bookshelf is already full of titles about whitetails, this new addition has breaking research that is necessary for anyone interested in whitetail deer.