Wildfowl Magazine’s Duck Hunting is a compilation of the best stories to ever appear in Wildfowl. It is packed with a wealth of valuable how-to information compiled by the foremost authorities in the sport. A vast range of topics is covered in these articles, including:

  • Field Tactics for Challenging Conditions
  • Selecting the Best Guns and Gear
  • Best Places to Hunt
  • How to Train a Great Duck-Hunting Retriever
  • Learn to Hunt Smarter at Top Destinations
  • Scouting Techniques on Land and Water
  • And More!
  • Enhance your experience with tips and tactics written by experts such as Skip Knowles, Joe Genzel, Tom Dokken, David Draper, and John M. Taylor. Wildfowl Magazine’s Duck Hunting is an essential resource for all duck hunting enthusiasts.