Combining today’s issues of creating self-sustaining environments with the age-old sports of hunting, shooting and trapping, Wildlife and Woodlot Management is the ultimate guide to attracting game to your property. Expert outdoorsman Monte Burch teaches a wide variety of techniques based on his own land management practices. Learn to match the vegetation of your land to the type of wildlife you need to attract. Hundreds of diagrams and photographs as well as Burch’s charming, instructional tone make woodlot management easy even for those who lack a green thumb.

Wildlife and Woodlot Management offers expert tips on such topics as:

  • Choosing the right piece of land for your needs
  • Maintenance and management practices
  • Improving natural vegetation
  • Attracting bucks, wild turkey, waterfowl, and small game
  • How to love working and helping your land

With over 330 pages crammed full of information and chapters covering topics ranging from timber stands to trespassers, Wildlife and Woodlot Management includes all the know-how you need to make your land into a hunting destination. Packed with pertinent details and accurate, easy-to-follow advice, this is a book no land-owning outdoorsman should miss.