By Cameron Curtis

Terrorism 101—Don’t make war on Breed.

Wambesa, a small country in Africa, is rich in cobalt. That mineral is essential for the production of batteries that power electric vehicles. Coup d’etats are driving the French from the continent. France’s COBRA—Cobalt Resources Africa—is concerned about the security of its cobalt mine. The company hires Breed to evaluate the stability of the country.

Breed arrives in Wambesa and finds the country anything but stable. The COBRA mine is ruthlessly exploiting the population, the government is corrupt, and locals eagerly anticipate the return of Marien Tombaye, an exiled revolutionary.

Tombaye returns with an elite cadre of guerrillas. The revolutionaries wipe out the French military garrison and massacre the European population. Breed teams up with a former SEAL, a beautiful African doctor, the village priest, and a former mercenary. Together, they shepherd a ragged band of refugees in a desperate effort to escape Tombaye and his cadre.

Blood Sport—Book Nine in the stunning Breed action thriller series.