Loss of Confidence

On Wednesday, March 20th, the Navy Special Warfare Command announced the removal of Capt. Richard A. Zaszewski from his position as commodore of Navy Special Warfare Group Eight (NSWG-8), citing a “loss of confidence in his leadership capabilities.” This decision, communicated through a press release, was made by Rear Adm. Keith Davids, the commander of Naval Special Warfare Command, and was attributed to an issue related to behavior, as detailed to the press by a Navy representative.

In a recently released statement, Lt. Cmdr. Chelsea Irish, a Navy Special Warfare Command spokesperson, explained,

“The determination to relieve Capt. Zaszewski’s duties were based on a thoughtful assessment of the circumstances and the necessity to maintain the Navy’s leadership standards at their highest.”

Irish declined to provide further specifics regarding the dismissal. Attempts to contact Zaszewski for his comments were unsuccessful.

Zaszewski, a distinguished Navy SEAL, has served nearly two decades with Special Warfare Units based on the East Coast, as revealed by his military records. The specific teams to which SEALs are assigned for operational security reasons are not disclosed in their public service records.
His accolades include the prestigious Silver Star, the third-highest military combat decoration, three Bronze Stars with a “V” for valor, a Combat Action Ribbon, and campaign medals for his service in Afghanistan and Operation Inherent Resolve, among other honors.

New Commodore Named

Following Zaszewski’s removal, the role of commodore for NSWG-8 was assumed by Deputy Commodore Capt. Stig Sanness, as reported by Irish.

Established in 2021 from the merger of NSWGs Three and Ten, Naval Special Warfare Group Eight specializes in undersea warfare, including the operation of both crewed and uncrewed submersibles and the execution of cyber and electronic warfare operations.