Accused of Espionage

Judicial proceedings against Navy Chief Petty Officer Bryce Steven Pedicini commenced in San Diego on Tuesday, April 9th. Pedicini, a fire controlman, faces accusations of engaging in espionage activities on the USS Higgins, located in Virginia, and during his time in Japan. In January, he was formally charged with the unauthorized distribution of defense-related information and failure to follow direct orders.

According to details on the Navy’s judicial schedule, the military court has scheduled the trial to conclude by April 19.

Case To Be Heard By a Judge and Not a Jury

Cmdr. Arlo Abrahamson, a spokesperson for the Navy’s Pacific Fleet, tells us that  Pedicini is represented by military-appointed legal counsel. He has chosen to have his case heard by a judge rather than a jury.


The Navy disclosed in February that Pedicini, who was last stationed on the Higgins and is now based in Japan, has been held in confinement awaiting trial since May.

The Allegations Against Him

Allegations against Pedicini involve his unauthorized handover of two classified defense documents, “Article 1112” and “Article 1223,” to a national and governmental employee of a foreign country. This reportedly occurred between November 2022 and February 2023 in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. The indictment suggests Pedicini disseminated the documents across several meetings.

Further charges include Pedicini’s transmission of photographs depicting a secret-level classified computer screen to a foreign national in Yokosuka, Japan, a city notable for housing a Navy base and the USS Higgins.