There are two additional specialized units within the Croatian Armed Forces, and although they are not SOF, a short description follows.

Military Intelligence Battalion: Deep Surveillance Company (Vojno obavještajna bojna: Satnija za dubinski nadzor – SDN)
The Deep Surveillance Company is one of the elements of the Military Intelligence Battalion, whose primary task is ISTAR in support of the Croatian Armed Forces. The Deep Surveillance Company focuses on HUMINT, and usually operates in 6-man LRS teams. Its members are well-trained in methods of land-air-sea infil and exfil and the use of various optical and sensor systems. They have been extensively employed in ISAF as Mobile Liaison and Observation Teams (MLOTs) in support of Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs)

Military Police: Special Military Police Company (Vojna policija: Satnija specijalne vojne policije – SSVP)
The Special Military Police Company is a part of the Military Police Regiment. It is tasked with force protection and antiterrorism duties in support of the Croatian Armed Forces and its facilities. Primarily employed as a Quick Reaction Force or Counter Assault Team for critical military infrastructure or military VIPs, in recent years it has been training for its additional duties in the NATO Multinational Military Police Battalion, which consists of forces from Polish, Czech, Slovakian and Croatian MP forces.

Ministry of Interior: Special Police Units (Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova: Specijalne jedinice policije – SJP
The Croatian police force has 4 special police units, one in each of the major cities (Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek) and they perform standard police SWAT tasks. The Special Police Units fall under a centralized Special Police Command which also includes an Aviation unit and a Diving Training Center. The Special Police Units are not to be mistaken for Intervention Police Units, which are typical riot-squads (as often happens to the local media).

One more element under the Special Police Command is the Lučko Counterterrorism Unit (Antiteroristička jedinica Lučko – ATJ), which is equivalent to the FBI HRT or other, national-level hostage rescue units. Composed of the best Special Police officers, the unit is trained for resolving hostage situations in airplanes, trains, buses, and other high-risk events involving terrorism or organized crime. The unit has personnel trained in HALO/HAHO jumps, diving and other infiltration methods.

In the Croatian Homeland War (1991-1995), the Special Police was actually stood-up as the first official Croatian armed force, before the Armed Forces (Army) were officialy created. Many initial Special Police members were eventually transferred to the fledgling Army. Throughout the war, the Special Police was utilized as elite light infantry and took part in heavy fighting in some of the most inhospitable terrains. In the extremely perilous early days of the war, the unit members designed their unit emblem to be similar to the US SF insignia and it is proudly worn to this day. After the war the Special Police has been transformed into its current state which is a respectable law enforcement unit ready to fight modern crime and terrorism.