The hits keep coming for the Trump administration. The latest report states former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn blocked a plan to take the Islamic state’s caliphate in Syria at Raqqa using Kurdish forces. This was while receiving more than $500,000 from Turkey to do lobbying for them. The Turks opposed the plan and consider the Kurds to be terrorists.

Flynn was fired by Trump in late February, but was registered in Washington as a lobbyist and was paid $530,000 before the November election.

Paperwork filed in March with the Justice Department’s Foreign Agent Registration Unit said Flynn and his firm were voluntarily registering for lobbying from August through November that “could be construed to have principally benefited the Republic of Turkey.”

The McClatchy news service reported that President Obama’s national security team asked for Trump’s approval on a plan to retake the Islamic State’s de facto capital of Raqqa, because it was more than likely to be carried out under his presidency.

Timelines distributed by members of Congress show that Flynn told then national security advisor Susan Rice to hold off, delaying the operation for months.

Trump eventually approved the plan, but only after Flynn had been fired in February for misleading Vice President Mike Pence and other white House officials about his ties to Russia’s ambassador to the U.S.

It was only weeks later in March when Flynn disclosed to the Foreign Agent Unit Registration Unit of the Justice Department that he was paid for work that “could be construed to have principally benefited the Republic of Turkey.”

Meanwhile, The New York Times reported Wednesday that Flynn informed Trump’s transition team that he was under federal investigation before he was hired.

The Justice Department appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as the head counsel to investigate charges of undue Russian influence on the Presidential election.

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