Special Operations Weathermen undergo a lengthy period of training (over a year) before earning the right to wear their gray beret. This includes the Special Operations Weather Selection Course (two weeks at Lackland), the Special Operations Weather Initial Skills Course (29 weeks), US Army Airborne School (3 weeks), USAF Basic Survival School (2 ½ weeks), USAF Water Survival Training (2 days), USAF Underwater Egress Training (2 days) and finally the Special Operations Weather Apprentice Course. The latter is a 13 week course covering more special operations weather quals, austere weather operations, demolitions, small unit tactics and other skills. After this course, the Combat Weatherman is considered to have a 3-level skill level in their AFSC and are allowed to wear the SOWT crest and gray beret. Following SOWAC, the journeymen Combat Weathermen must attend Special Tactics Advanced Skills Training, which is another year long.

For additional information, read the Special Operations Weatherman official fact sheet.