Within hours of President Trump launching more than 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Syrian airbase at Shayrat, a Massachusetts Congressman took to Twitter to blast the President over the use of force against the Syrian government of Assad without congressional approval.

Seth Moulton, (D-Mass), is a former Marine Corps officer with multiple tours in Iraq, also took exception to the bombing as well as Trump’s ban on refugees entering the United States.

“So @POTUS cares enough about the Syrian people to launch 50 Tomahawks but not enough to let the victims of Assad find refuge & freedom here,” tweeted Moulton less than an hour after the strike.

Moulton’s outburst found plenty of play on Twitter with his tweet getting over 31,000 likes and being retweeted more than 21,000 times. Moulton teamed up with fellow Congressman Steve Russell, (R-OK) to issue a bipartisan statement blasting the attack.

Russell also is an Iraq war veteran, and the two want to hear what the President’s long-term plan for ending the war in Syria is.

“We cannot stand by in silence as dictators murder children with chemical weapons. But military action without clear goals and objectives gets us nowhere. We look forward to hearing the President present a plan for Syria to the American people, for Congress to agree in bipartisan action, and for America to partner with the World Community to help bring this treacherous conflict to an end.”

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who never misses an opportunity to take to social media to blast anything concerning President Trump also released a statement in which she reiterated the tone of Moulton and Russell.

“The use of chemical weapons against innocent Syrian men, women, and children is a clear violation of international law. The Syrian regime must be held accountable for this horrific act, and its actions underscore why the United States should embrace innocent people who are fleeing in terror.

But the Constitution gives the power to authorize the use of military force to the legislative branch. Expanded military intervention in Syria requires action by Congress. If President Trump expects such an authorization, he owes the American people an explanation of his strategy to bring an end to the violence in Syria. We should not escalate this conflict without clear goals and a plan to achieve them.”

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