Anyone who hangs out in the woods or mountains knows the name MSR or Mountain Safety Research. The Seattle based company has been pioneering innovative and safer outdoor equipment since it was founded in 1969 by Seattle engineer and lifelong mountaineer Larry Penberthy. Their well engineered products are conceived and mostly hand built in their Seattle headquarters. They manufacture lightweight tents, compact stoves, cookware, snowshoes and several variations of their popular water filtration systems.


The product I’d like to introduce you to is the MSR Windburner Stove System. The Windburner Stove System is similar in concept to the JetBoil line of compact stove systems. Where is separates itself from the competition is how it handles the weather. In windy conditions, I’ve found the JetBoil can struggle to effectively boil water in a timely manner. The MSR Windburner Stove System utilizes a fully enclosed radiant burner and a perforated metal wind deflector that leaves conventional burners in the cold.  The 1 liter aluminum pot with built in heat exchanger, easily locks onto the burner to make a quick meal or pot of coffee.

Although I didn’t have very windy conditions while on my last hiking trip, I was able to bench test and compare the results while simulating wind. With a big ass fan from Home Depot and an anemometer, I was able to produce a constant measured 10-11 MPH wind. I used .5L of 60 degree water in a completely cool pot and came up with pretty consistent results over several test runs.

  • 0 MPH wind time to boil:  2:25
  • 10 MPH wind time to boil  2:45


The entire MSR Windburner Stove System and (1) IsoPro 4oz fuel canister nests into the pot for a fully contained system.  The optional coffee press is a nice addition for us coffee lovers.  Just grind your favorite blend of beans and bring it into the backcountry for a flavorful morning brew.  The optional coffee press also has a place within the system for storage.

If you need a personal stove system that has the capability to operate in less than ideal or windy conditions, look no further than the MSR Windburner. Wether you’re into backpacking, mountain climbing or just car camping with friends and family, this would be a great option to try out.  I’ve owned an MSR Dragonfly stove since it was introduced and haven’t considered anything else until I used the Windburner. The ease of set-up, lack of priming, less working parts and not having to pump the fuel tank to maintain fuel pressure were all things that appeal to me now.

Image courtesy of MSR

Windburner features:

  • Lid with Drinking and Straining Ports
  • Insulated Cozy with Handle
  • 1.0L Pot with Heat Exchanger
  • Secure Connection with Stove
  • Ultra-Efficient Radiant Burner
  • Pressure Regulator for Consistent Performance
  • Full-Size Bowl: 16 oz. / .47L
  • Folding Canister Stand
  • Coffee Press (sold separately $19.95)
  • Integrated System: Compact, all-in-one stove and cookware solution features a secure-locking pot/personal eat-and-drink mug with cozy.
  • Maximum Efficiency: Radiant burner and heat exchanger deliver faster boil times and more fuel efficiency than conventional stoves that use convective heat only.
  • Windproof Performance: 100% primary air combustion, enclosed design & internal pressure regulator work together to make stove virtually impervious to outside conditions.
  • Compact Design: Conveniently packs the stove burner, 4 oz. (110g) IsoPro™ fuel canister (sold separately), folding canister stand, and PackTowl® inside the 1.0L Pot. Extra full-sized bowl snaps onto the outside.
  • Modular Versatility: Customizable system works with optional cookware accessories, including the WindBurner 1.0L accessory pot, hanging kit and coffee press.

Get your MSR Windburner here.

(Featured Image and Specs courtesy of MSR)

– Erik Meisner for