The North Korean government is planning a large show of military force for the February 8 parade scheduled to kick off the Winter Olympics by showing off dozens of long-range missiles sources are reporting.

The North Koreans are also banning the foreign press from covering the parade as they want to control the message going out and are reportedly pulling out of several events due to their displeasure at the media’s reporting of the totalitarian regime.

The display of “hundreds” of missiles and rockets would be an attempt “to scare the hell out of the Americans,” one of the sources said.

The parade is expected to include dozens of intercontinental-range Hwasong-15 missiles, which the North Koreans test-fired for the first time in late November, the sources said.

They also didn’t rule out a missile test “in the near future” to send a strong message to American forces currently deployed in the region.

The news comes after US President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union speech, during which he criticized the Kim Jong Un regime’s human rights abuses and “reckless pursuit” of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that could soon threaten the US homeland.

On Monday, North Korea said it canceled a joint cultural performance that was to be held in advance of the Olympics in response to unflattering coverage by South Korean media.

According to a statement from South Korea’s Unification Ministry, the North Koreans pulled out because “South Korean media continue to insult North Korea’s genuine measures regarding the PyeongChang Olympics and take issues with its domestic festival.”

The sources that spoke to CNN said that other planned events could be canceled.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, Leopards don’t change their spots and dictators are always obsessed with the holding of and showing of their power. The 1936 Olympics were another prime example of that. And we all know how that turned out for the host of those games.

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